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4 New HSA Administrators to Keep a Close Eye On


The HSA landscape is changing - at a blurring pace - and for the better. New companies are entering the industry - mostly of the fintech/startup variety and they are tackling HSAs in their own unique way. We like the value propositions that some of these new HSA administrators offer to consumers. Let's take a look at four companies we are keeping a close eye on.

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Your health data is for sale and we think you should get paid for it
— BetterHSA

BetterHSA is a brand new administrator looking to help HSA account holders leverage their health data as an asset and take advantage of its financial value. This innovative administrator gives consumers easy ways to earn cash from the data they generate every day. Clients are presented with multiple “monetization opportunities” - or ways you can make money from the data collected through BetterHSA. Some monetization opportunities allow you to "set it and forget it" - think mobile apps, wearables, and portals. Other opportunities require you to complete a task, like answering a short list of questions or confirming a medication was taken. BetterHSA is trying to lower the burden of healthcare costs by giving consumers the tools to earn passive income with their health data. 

The private beta version of BetterHSA is slated to launch in early March of 2019.

The Bend HSA was conceptualized, designed and built to make HSAs easy for everyone to use.
— Bend HSA

Bend Financial uses advanced technologies to help individual consumers easily manage healthcare expenses, maximize tax benefits, and save for the future. The platform learns about individual situations and provides actionable advice. The Bend HSA was conceptualized, designed and built to make HSAs easy for everyone to use. Bend was built from the bottom up to provide an outstanding consumer experience, and to have technology do as much for account holders as they’ll let it.

Bend HSA is only live for limited customers right now but will be opening its doors for the general public in the near future.

Care search with guidance, not guesswork.
— Amino

Amino, a digital health company, in January announced that it would be expanding its offering by adding a modern HSA on top of its current “find care” search and price transparency tool. The Amino solution will deliver a much-needed upgrade to HSAs by pairing its tax-free savings and spending with transparency around healthcare cost and quality. With the help of Amino, consumers can book the best care online, know the cost before they go, and get the most from their health savings account. Amino will offer eligible employees the following features:

Care search and booking, made simple. Search for doctors, urgent care, imaging centers, and hospitals, with added information around in-network status, cost estimates, quality measures, and more. Amino’s personal assistant then books appointments and handles follow up.

Smart savings with a modern HSA. Amino layers in personalized goals and jargon-free education about how much to save and when. Amino makes it easy to track transactions and upload receipts through text as well as Amino’s mobile apps.

Amino on your phone and in your wallet. Amino will offer employees all its features in one digital experience accessible on the web and via mobile apps, plus an HSA debit card for out-of-pocket spending. 

At this time Amino’s solution is only available to employers and its employees. Amino plans to roll out its HSA offering to individuals insured through the marketplace later in 2018.

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Investing that’s built-in and easy.
— Starship HSA

The origins of the Starship HSA can be traced to its founders, Sean Engelking’s and Adam Pruden’s, frustration with HSAs. In particular, their poor design, long hold times, weird rules, lack of a mobile app, and hidden fees. In 2016 these two gentleman embarked on a mission to build the best HSA possible; one that’s modern, thoughtful, and if at all possible, fun. The Starship HSA features;

  • Overflow investing: Set a threshold and automatically invest into smart portfolios built with low-fee index funds.

  • Intelligent Investing: Starship believes investments should be built-in and effortless. Answer just a few questions during enrollment and they’ll automatically invest your unused funds into low-fee index funds.

  • No Fees: Starship has none of the annoying fees charged by traditional HSAs. $1 month to invest.

  • Auto Contributions: Set up a recurring daily, weekly or monthly contribution.

  • Paperless: Starship is a completely modern, paperless HSA.

  • Receipt Management: Attach receipts to any bill using the camera on your phone. Starship will even collate them at tax time.

  • Family Management: Share an HSA with your family? Easily keep track of who’s spending what with family tags.

  • Apple Pay & Android Pay: Add your Starship Card to Apple Pay or Android Pay for secure and convenient mobile payments.

  • Mobile First: An HSA for iOS, Android, and web.

Starship HSA is currently available to the general public. .


A word of caution. These four administrators are all new to the space. We have no idea what kind of customer experience they will provide. One thing is certain, competition is heating up in the HSA administration space. We hope the new competition leads to better experiences and outcomes for individuals and families with HSAs.

Noe Padilla