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Features of an Awesome Investor HSA


Low Fees

When you open an HSA, you are subject to a long list of potential fees. Look for an HSA administrator that charges low, fixed fees (preferably less than $3 per month). Stay away from administrators that charge asset based fees, especially if you have a large balance. Additionally, look for HSA administrators with transparent fee disclosures.    


Quality Investments

Investors should seek HSA providers that grant them access to low-cost funds. Investors should be able to build a low cost, diversified, indexed portfolio. Look for an HSA administrator that offers a global lineup of low expense ratio index funds. 


Low Investment Threshold

The perfect investor HSA has no investment threshold nor peg balance requirements. In other words, you should be able to invest the very first dollar you contribute. Administrators should not hold your dollars hostage in a checking account earning little to no interest.



The best investor HSAs use technology in a way that allows participants to automate the movement of money from one account to the other. Whether it be from your personal checking account to the HSA checking account or from the HSA checking account to the investment account.


Receipt/Document Storage Tool

HSA investors employing the "shoebox strategy" need a place to store receipts for a very long period of time. An online receipt storage feature allowing participants to upload and store receipts is ideal for those employing the "shoebox strategy."

Noe Padilla