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Who's Raking in the HSA Dollars?


Devenir, a Minneapolis-based investment adviser and consultant that tracks the growth of HSAs, recently published its 2018 Year End HSA Research Report. The survey was carried out in January, 2019 and primarily consisted of top 100 HSA providers in the health savings account market. All data was requested for the period ending on December 31st, 2018. The survey shows a steady growth in HSA assets, reaching $53.8 billion last year — including $10.2 billion in investments. In 2017, total assets were $45.2 billion, including $8.3 billion in investments. For this year, Devenir predicts a total of $64 billion in HSA assets, including $13.6 billion in investments. 

Which administrators are servicing the bulk of these assets? We did our best to find the most up to date information on HSA assets held by each administrator and the number of HSA accounts they service. The data presented in the chart below was gathered by scouring over press releases, blog posts, earnings reports, 10K's, and third party reports. HSA assets held by administrators are continually growing, therefore the charts below are not one-hundred percent accurate, but we hope to give you a general idea of which administrators are holding the bulk HSA assets.

Noe Padilla